Epsom Salt Body Scrubs


Facts and Uses

EPSOM SALT SUGA SCRUBS - The PIONEERS of Epsom Salts in Jamaica have now re-invented the scrub landscape to present you with our EPSOM SALT SUGA SCRUB.  Pamper yourself after a long day with AYRTONS Epsom Salt Suga Scrub. Formulated with 4 exfoliates to include pure pharmaceutical grade Epsom Salts, a mineral which plays a pivotal role in the body, such as regulating the activity of over 325 enzymes and reducing inflammation, is combined with sugar, apricot shells, pumice,  shea butter and coconut oil to exfoliate and detox, leaving skin feeling hydrated, renewed and moisturized.  These scrubs not only feel, look and smell great but also have the added benefits of the mineral component in EPSOM SALT.   Use while in shower for a complete body scrub or as a soothing foot scrub. Available in the following delightful scents:

  • Juici Fruit - A refreshing blend of sweet, ripe mangos and juicy peaches makes this one a winner!
  • Midnight Fantasy - This sensual blend of soothing Bulgarian lavender and warm vanilla bean is alluring and irresistible.
  • Sweet Seduction - Sweet and Fruity. Aromatic blend of ripe mangos with the exotic tartness of the kiwi fruit makes for an intoxicating and seductive tropical treat!
  • Tropical Bliss- This scent gives you a real island vibe, it exudes a blend of fruity pineapple with creamy coconut goodness….Pina Colada!
  • JA’MOCHA – This invigorating aroma smells like a delicious caramelized mochaccino.  Its sweetness is unmatched and the coffee is very present, as it is infused with only the best, REAL Jamaican coffee grounds.  It also comprises of a synergistic blend of Coffee, Chocolate and Vanilla premium oils. It's time to wake up and indulge in the Mocha…. JA’MOCHA that is.