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Chest Rubs


Facts and Uses

AYRTONS VaPOUR RUB - AYRTONS VaPour Rub is a topical vapourizing decongestant that temporarily relieves cough, nasal and chest congestion due to minor throat and bronchial irritation associated with the common cold.   It provides hours of continuous relief and it also temporarily relieves minor aches and pains of muscles and Joints.  Recommended for ages 2 years and older.

AYRTONS BABY CHEST RUB - AYRTONS Baby Chest Rub is a topical ointment that is used to relieve congestion associated with cough and cold. It is known to create a soothing effect, help ease congestion and aid breathing.  AYRTONS Baby Chest Rub is available in regular and night-time formula, the latter is infused with lavender oil to help soothe, calm and encourage sleep.  Recommended for babies 6 months and older.

Caution: As a general rule of thumb, never use vapor rubs meant for adults on babies. Babies and infant skins are delicate and absorb what goes topically more than an average adult.  Ingredients that could be safe for adults can be potentially dangerous for babies. It is crucial to read and follow the instructions when treating infants with chest rubs.