Grape Seed Oil


Facts and Uses

GRAPE SEED OIL - Grapeseed Oil is used as a base oil for many creams and lotions. It is the preferred carrier oils for many massage therapists because of its light, satin like finish.  AYRTONS Grapeseed oil has anti-inflammatory properties and contains a high linoleic acid content, which is beneficial for oily, acne prone skin, dermatitis, allergic reactions, atopic eczema, and for soothing dry and itchy skin.   Its combination of fatty acids and antioxidants work together to fight premature aging by combating wrinkles, stretch marks, and saggy skin. This lightweight oil is easily absorbed and seeps deep into the skin imparting its nutrients without leaving a greasy residue.  AYRTONS Grapeseed oil is all natural, gentle and suitable for all skin types.